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Darrells Tavern 7th Anniversary with The Boss Martians, STAG, The F-Holes and The Lucky Boys 2-17-17

The 7th Anniversary party at Darrells Tavern was a smashing success. In fact, the place was so packed that it was hard to get a decent pic. The poster was dynamite:

Dan and his staff were ready for the crowds and responded with fast service and a smile.  Here is Dan with one of his friends.

Here is Emily making me one of her patented Kamikaze's.

Sweet but evil Jenna is one of the fine bar staff.

This bar is a special place. It looks like it hasn't changed in 40 years. Dan keeps the place immaculate and the bar is built to move adult beverages.

Dan has also paid attention to the sound system and the comfort of his guest's listening pleasure. He has the killer board and cranking speakers run by a tech who is the best in the biz. Here is Scott prepping for the show.

Last night the speakers were rocking on their stands. The Boss Martians were creating a local quake and the peeps on the dance floor were jumping up and down. I hadn't seen this before, I am guessing it was special effect created by the ever-crafty Scott Walker.

I have been to all of the anniversary shows except for the first. Here is a review of number three:

I got there early enough to help The Martians load in. They were supplying the equipment for the evening and they came with a moving van.

I am lucky enough to have seen this band many a time and they have become buds. In fact tonight was a family gathering with many familiar faces attending. Each one of the bands on the bill has their own following so it was a great mix of music fans. Like I said, the place was packed.

Here is Jay, an ex employee of Darrells. A nicer guy you couldn't know.

My friend Tien was here with one of his buddies. If the Martians are playing, Tien is there, standing right in front. Although that might have been difficult last night.

There were lots of fun folks.

 The Lucky Boys were up first. This was their fourth consecutive year on the anniversary bill.

They are a high-energy punk band with great stage presence and skilled artists. Hailing from Seattle, they have been playing around for 4 years. The members are Kimi (Green) Cutthroat-Vocals; Beaux R. Batron-Guitar/backing vocals; Jak Bruce-Bass and Smokin' Dave-Drums.

They kicked off with a huge burst of sound and energy. Kim had us by the short-hairs from the start. Driving bass and percussion set the tone, and Beaux's guitar screamed at us to rock.

The Lucky Boys are one of Dan's favorite bands and friends of his. This evening they were killin' it and the crowd was up close and digging from the first note.

Beaux and his beautiful singing guitar.

 Smokin' Dave was having a bit of fun on the drums.

Bruce is one of my favorite men on the bass. He puts all his love and passion into it.

And then there is Kim!

The Lucky Boys nailed it; this was a killer way to start a party. You can connect with the Lucky Boys here:

The bar was now stacked with people all the way around. Dan had 3 bar-staff handling the booze duties. Emily and Jenna were colliding as they ran back and forth. Emily was dancing to the beat all night long.

The F-Holes were up next and they had plenty of fans getting right up close. They are a killer band that plays Rock/Garage/Swamp and Acid Blues. It is a marvelous mix and a sound all their own.

By this time it was getting really tight. I couldn't get to the other side of the stage. I couldn't get the pics I really wanted.

The F-Holes are: Stringtie, Lucky Tony, Otis P Otis, Big Beat Bob, you can connect with them here: and here:

Meanwhile, the music loving folks just kept rolling in. This was as crowded as I have seen Darrells in quite a while. Super fun!

Scott Kellogg, the previous lead guitar for The Lucky Boys  drove all the way over from Spokane to see his previous band mates. I know that drive. I also know he has a job. So he left Spokane around 5 and it take at least 4 hours of driving to Seattle. It was great to see him. Kim was glad to see him too.

STAG was on next. I had heard of them but incredibly have never seen. I say incredibly because they were fantastic. Why hadn't they been on my radar?

Talk about some energy; STAG had it in spades.

The dance floor in front of the band was now so packed I could barely squeeze my plus size fanny close enough to get decent pics. STAG had their fans too, and they were up close and loving.

STAG is: Steve Mack - Vox, Ben London - Gtr, Vox, Rob Dent - Drums, Pete Everett - Bass and John Randolph - Gtr. You can connect with them here:

They play a great mix of power pop and rock. The guitar work is fantastic, the vocals are marvelous and manic. There was no sitting still with Steve leading the collection of great musicians.

Thanks to STAG for a killer performance, one that I will not soon forget.

Dan was working away helping the girls at the bar. The ice machine couldn't keep up with the demand. He had to import ice, presumably pure glacier ice as he doesn't cut corners.

The Boss Martians were onstage and tuning up. Just listening to Evan tune is a joy to behold. He definitely has the touch. This trio is more than awesome and has been for many years.

Nerk Schultz on drums:

Erik Foster on 6 string bass:

Evan Foster on lead guitar:

The Boss Martians are a venerable Frat Rock and Surf Band. They have been around since the late 90's and have started to play more shows to the delight of their fans. But damn, it was impossible to get a decent pic.

That is Freddie Dennis singing with The Martians. That was as close as I could get. Notice all the raised cameras.

As usual, they were in top form and the whole place was shaking. Evan loves to get up close and personal with his devotees, we respond with dance!

Here is Lisa dancing to the beat. She is a fixture at many shows, especially the surf shows. She is famous for her dancing style. Remember the 60's surf movies where everybody made way for the dancer with the fringe? That is Lisa.

We all stand back and watch Lisa shake it like the 60's!

Meanwhile, The Martians were blasting the last remnants of our sanity out of our ears. It was close to one and the band played on.

The Boss Martians suck you in, they play with your base instincts and take advantage of your weakness's for rock.

I am not sure if there is a better show from a home-grown Seattle surf band. Evan, Nerk and Erik knock it out of the park every time. I had them play a show for my Anniversary show a few years ago, and the crowds have gotten much bigger since then. See my review of that show here:

Just plain dynamite on stage. Thanks to The Boss Martians for reminding me that our lives need music to feed our soul. They do serve a heaping helping! Connect with them here:

Thanks to Dan and Darrells for presenting wonderful live music for 7 years. Thanks for letting amateurs and professionals ply their art on your stage. You have one of the best venues for music in Seattle. See them here:

Thanks to all the bands for coming out and playing this great show. Thanks to all who packed the place and as always:

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