Saturday, April 16, 2016

Machine Animal and Boss Rhino at The Shanty Tavern 4-15-16

I don't normally start with a negative but there is always a first time.

Rant: This was one of those shows you never want to end. Both bands were awesome, yet they only played 35-45 minute sets. There were only 2 bands on the bill, they could have easily played hour long sets and still shut down before the neighbors started to complain.

Here is the killer poster by William Grapes.

Here are the videos I shot of the action tonight. The first is from Boss Rhino:

The next from Machine Animal:

This was the music I grew up with. This was wonderful stuff that I haven't been part of for a while. I have been seeing punk, surf, alt-country, rockabilly and all other manners of live music. But I had neglected good old american rock. This was heaven and I didn't want it to end. But it did.

Thus endeth the Rant, now the Rave (you may get sick of the superlatives, just a warning). This was one of those show you never want to end. Both bands were awesome and they played exceptional sets.

Boss Rhino:

Machine Animal:

I had told some friends that I would attend their show at The Highway 99 Blues Club, but I got waylaid. Six Gun Romeo was playing with many of my favorite bands. But Dayna promised me this was going to be a killer show.

Here she (on the right) is with Julie before the show.

Normally, Jon Noe makes all the band arrangements for The Shanty. Dayna took over and booked this bill, arranged for the poster and did the promotion. She did a great job.

First up was the awesome power of Boss Rhino.

Boss Rhino is Chad DeRoux on Vocals; Aaron Jacob Smith on Guitar; James Guzman on Guitar; Matt Zielfelder on bass and Kevin Robinson on Drums. Based out of Bellingham, WA, they bill themselves as Boss Rhino is nothing but balls to the wall Rock and Roll. I will second that.

Chad was constantly moving; a blur in a Meat Puppets t-shirt. At least I think that is what it said.

He had an awesome style with a maniacal frenzied delivery. Backed by this killer group of musicians, Chad was in maximum entertainment mode.

This was a lesson on how to rock. The band was superb and I could not sit still. A great set of musicians doing what they loved. They had a 70's rock vibe and an 80's punk delivery.

I loved watching Aaron work and play. He had an killer sound and was massively skilled.

His mate James and he traded lead rolls, always combining for a superb experience.

I commented to my date (my buddy Mark) that the guitar work was amazing. Then I got up and walked over to watch them once again.

The traits that made this great band great were in the basics. These were consummate musicians making art. The percussion and bass were the drivers for the rest of the boys. They were an excellent team to keep the rest of the band on the beam.

That is Kevin Robinson on Drums and Matt Zielfelder on bass.

This was a sweet mix of some marvelous american genres; punk, blues, and rock. All delivered with an iron fist...

Stand back, here come Boss Rhino.

Phenomenal power that smacked you right in the loins. The attendees were indeed pleased.

And then they weren't playing anymore. It was very depressing. I need to hear more from these boys.

Here is a link to a short review of their latest disc, a 12"record; What's Up!

See them as soon as you can. Buy their music and participate in live music with Boss Rhino. See them here:

Thanks to Boss Rhino for the great set. Next up was Machine Animal. I only hoped they were as talented as Boss Rhino. I was most please at the results.

Machine Animal is Zack Van Houten: guitar, vox- Dave Crider: guitar, vox- Vincent Blackshadow: bass, vox- Bill Anker: drums, vox. You can connect with them here:

Here are a couple images to set the tone. You have seen the video, here are stills that will help tell the story.

Yeah, it was that kind of evening.  Freaking raucous rock and roll featuring dueling guitars, rocking percussion and butt moving bass. This was a most excellent experience.

Vincent was an amazing bass player; adding vocals and long red hair to the mix.

He had a classic look and it was fun to watch him up close. He traded his bass for Dave's guitar for a tune. Scorching stuff.

Dave Crider is a musician, producer and record label owner. He was a member of the Mono Men, an awesome Sub-Pop record band. He was killer tonight; shredding the strings and adding great vocals along with his mates.

Here is a link to the Mono Men Wiki page:

The fabulous Zack Van Houten was the lead vocal and played an awesome guitar, trading lead with Dave. I say fabulous as the band all seemed to think so paying him great respect.. There was also repeated reference to songs about pancakes so I think the drugs were just taking effect.

The percussion tonight was most excellent. I noticed Bill's nuanced performance right away. Nuanced performance in a raucous rock band? Yes, all these guys were talented and skilled musicians. That is what made the short sets so painful...MORE!

 As it turned out there was a song about Pancakes...

I haven't enjoyed 2 bands more in a long time. I think this was a perfect bill. The bands were complimentary without being repetitive within the same genre.

Then, like Boss Rhino they were gone, and way too soon. Before I knew it, their instruments, gear, clothes and everything else they could find was piled on the stage.

It was sad to see them go, but I guess you want your audience wanting for more. Thanks to Machine Animal for making a believer out of me. I am so looking forward to your next show.

Thanks to Dayna and dad for hosting live music right here in little old Lake City. Thanks to all who are involved at The Shanty Tavern.

And as always: