Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jackrabbit, Ole Tinder and The Swearengens at Darrells 12-29-12

"I worked for months with Fredd of the Swearengens on this show..." Scott said to me as I talked with him about the bill tonight. This was a great show and he was quite happy at the scene. The place was getting crowded. The bands were cuing up and musical happiness was just around the corner.

Scott is the ringmaster for the evening's fun. He is the sound-tech and one of the booking agents at Darrells. He is most excellent at his business. Scott is well know in the industry here in the Pacific Northwest. He is a volunteer at many a large event. He has engineered sound for every Rock, Punk, Country band around.

Here he is miking up the drum set for Jackrabbit.

Santa brought me a new camera, an amazing instrument. I have yet to figure it all out yet. I know it will take incredible low light pics, I am not sure I captured the images it is capable of yet. It is a Sony RX-100, voted one of the best cameras of the year. A point-and-shoot camera that is SLR comparable. You can read more about it here:

You will see a combo of flash and no-flash throughout the blog.

First up was Jackrabbit, an awesome local alt. country trio. This evening they were joined by Jay Kardong on steel guitar, a wonderful addition. The soaring strings of a pedal-steel are a fabulous compliment to this band.

Here is Tony warming up.

Jackrabbit is Moe Provencher, Aimee Zoe Tubbs and Tony Fulgham. They play great original music with some obvious influences. With rock at it's core, the first tune really sounded Elvis Costello like.
Wonderful vocals, sweet harmonies and the singing steel really had the place rocking.

Here is a one with the flash:

And again without:

Jay playing a six string:

Throwing In The Towel, a killer original tune.

I love Tony and his vocals, he has a great voice. I have been a fan for some time, I have their first CD and have listened many times. I just purchased new music from them. Their new CD, A Better Place is available here. I highly recommend it.

I have reviewed them before, you can read that blog here:

 You can connect with Tony, Moe and Aimee here:

Jackrabbit was dynamite, the crowd was dancing and hollering. We applauded like maniacal Beatle fans at the end of the set, pleading with them for one more song.

There was a lot of support for them. They brought their usual A game tonight, I was sorry to see them go. My buddy Mark mentioned that they were one hell of an opening act. Jackrabbit are headliners in the making.

We took a break between shows and visited the car. Here is a pic I shot of the scene out the front window.

The show must go on and just as you thought it couldn't get any better, Ole Tinder took the stage. This is another awesome local alt. country group. I have seen them before and have their CD. It is a stellar collection of music. You can read that review here:

Ole Tinder is Mike Giacolino, Nils Peterson, Pat Schowe and Jay Kardong (Jay was pulling double duty tonight). They are billed as country/folk. I loved every note.

Ole Tinder's music has classic influences but they have a sound all their own. Aurora Bridge is an amazing original tune. It tells a story about one of America's busiest suicide bridges. It is an poignant journey of a tortured soul who jumps to freedom. It is a beautiful song, a sad touches me every time.

The crowd was loving it, we were hanging on every note. Ole Tinder tells a great story with marvelous music.

Jay was killing on the steel again, I love the high lonesome sound of the pedal-steel guitar. He was playing a beautiful Rittenberry single neck guitar. I love the instruments these musicians play, you can see more about Rittenberry guitars here:

 Here Jay is enjoying an adult beverage at the bar.

Mike's vocals are sweet, he has a great set of pipes.

I got to tell Mike how much I enjoyed the set. He was really happy to hear the compliment and thanked me for coming to the show.

Take Me Away is another one of my favorites, you can listen to them for free here:

You can connect with them on Facebook here:

Ole Tinder played a great show and the crowd was loving it. Huge applause and much love was directed at the stage after every tune. There was a ton of dancers, this was a blast.

I am looking forward to seeing Ole Tinder again. But now it was time for Fredd Luongo and The Swearengens. I had seen the first two, but the last band was new to me. Not that I hadn't heard of them (legendary) or had the chance to see them (priorities), in my short review career I hadn't had the chance to see them yet.

I did know of Fredd, my friend Jon, steel player for The 1Uppers is a friend of his. He told me of Fredd's prowess on the stage.

 The Swearengens are: Fredd Luongo on vocals and guitar, Brigitt Rains on vocal and percussion, Fritz Marial on bass, Brian Ochs on drums, Fred Slater on piano (missing) and Soren Godberson on guitar.

Brigitt added sweet harmony.

Soren was scorching on the guitar.

I had seen Fritz at the bar earlier, he seemed like a sweet fellow, nice smile. He turned out to be a killer bass player, driving this great band. Here he is (on the right) with Jay.

By now the place was crazy, the dance floor was full and the fun was at a fever pitch. The Swearengens have influences from Whiskeytown, Steve Earle, Hank, Waylon and Rip Torn (love that last one).  They really know how to get the peeps on their side, here we are grooving.

The Swearengens knew how to hit all our buttons. The place was still packed and every butt was moving.

You can see The Swearengens here, they have a cool vibe and a awesome sound.

Big fun at Darrells tonight.

My buddy had to catch a plane at 8 am and we left at high noon. I knew there was more fun to be had but sacrifices had to be made. Thanks to Darrells and Scott for the killer bill. Thanks to all the bands for a stellar show.

You can see Darrells here:

I love Darrells, they have a great set of locals that mix with the music fans. Here is Chief, a regular. He is a sweet guy and calls everybody Buddy. He is a girl magnet, if one comes within an arms length he reaches out and ensnares his victim. He holds on tight until he has his sweet way with her.

The cab came to pick him up when he emptied his pitcher.

Darrells has a great variety of local brews and a marvelous staff.

Why does cold beer make you so warm inside? If you know please add to the comments below.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Xmas Maximus featuring Cathy Sorbo, The Candy Cane Dancers and a multi-member Xmas band at Darrells 12-22-12

Darrells was packed when I walked in. I had arrived early as I wanted to get a seat. That didn't happen but no worries. I was amazed to see what was on stage. It was going to be an interesting evening, seat or no.

I had attended the show last year, there was barely a soul in the place. I hooked up with my buddy Mark and his wife and we got a front row seat. We could have had any seat in the house. This evening was different. It was packed an hour and a half before the show even started.

You can read about last years show here:

You can see why it might have been so popular. Here is one of the dancers warming up.

My friend Dan is the owner of Darrells Tavern and his partner in music, Scott always have great shows. They play live music 5 nights a week and have special canned-music the other two. See Dan and Darrells here:

Cathy Sorbo is a local comedienne and a total crack up. She was sitting at the bar right next to me and I gave her a big hug and commented on the attendance. She was thrilled to see a full house. She was the MC and warmed up the crowd for the festivities to come. You can connect with Cathy and see her cool/crazy style here:

She was wearing red PJ's and was animated and a lot of fun as she introduced the Dancers and the band. She told some funny original jokes and sang a few tunes.

I saw Bella Bambina, one of the area's best known Burlesque artists and her entourage across the bar. She is voluptuous and cute, she is on the left having fun. See Bella here:

There was an artist in back getting ready for her dance, I caught a quick glimpse of skin. Yes, I am a dirty old man.

I asked Bella for a rundown of their act and this is what I got.
Our troupe is called "Lady Lux Burlesque" we are a new Shoreline/North End based troupe. We will be holding quarterly shows at Darrells Tavern and possibly others at neighboring venues in the future.
Acts were:
Nitara Ashling performing "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree"
Lana Milknhoney performing "I put a spell on you"
Yours truly, Bella Bambina (the Bubble Booty of Burlesque),performing "I'm just an old chunk of coal"
Scandl from Bohemia performing "Saavy Truffle"&
Camilla St.Sin performing "The Christmas Doll"
Kitten: Lillian St. Syn
Stage Manager: Star Le'Quinne
If you have any other questions, feel free!
Thank you!!!


Thank you for the information Bella.

They have a great new page here:

Here is Nitara performing her dance:

She was a lot of fun and her Christmas tree pasties had little lights. Lillian St. Syn, the Stage Kitty was gorgeous, also very sexy as you would expect.

Lillian had a killer smile and a beautiful butt...did I say that out loud? Well hell, even Cathy Sorbo knew she had a sweet posterior.

This was a super fun evening and the band hadn't even come on yet. Xmas Maximus is a loose collection of musicians that come together over the holidays to provide the season's entertainment. I recognized a few from last years show, but not all.

Here is what I had from last year. I know there are more: Robert Henson (Dose, SIL2K, Transpacific, Western State Waltz Project), Barbara Trentalange (Spyglass, Sushirobo, Head Like A Kyte, Crooked Fingers), Mike Cody (The Wiyos, Western State Waltz Project), Stuart McLeod (SIL2K, Transpacific) and Gavin Guss (Tube Top, The Tycoons, Nada Surf, Gavin Guss).

Here is another shot of the core group of Xmas Maximus.

They played a lot of popular holiday tunes but with original and very creative arrangements. They do a great job of mixing the traditional tunes we all grew up with reggae, rock, punk and blues. Some of the familiar songs they perform are: Baby its cold outside, You are a mean one, Mister Grinch, Drummer Boy and many other great interpretations of the classics.

Here is Barbara singing with the core group.

Barbara is multi-talented and beautiful, another great entertainer tonight. Here she is playing the flute.

She is cute, but she did keep her clothes is another girl who didn't. It was time for Lana Milknhoney, a striking tall dancer. Her act was stimulating! I will let the photos tell the story.

Sometimes words are not needed, the pics are enough.

This was a great night, I saw a lot of folks I knew, the owners of El Norte and Mr. Villa were there rocking. Eduardo and his lovely bride serve some of the best food in Lake City (a Seattle neighborhood). They also book a lot of live music in their restaurants. I love them. See them here:  and here:

Bella came on with intros by Cathy with a couple more funny jokes thrown in, she is a riot.

Here is the beautiful Bella (the Bubble Booty of Burlesque) and her very sexy act. She performed to the tune "I'm just an old chunk of coal". The energy she radiated kept us all warm. Steam was coming out my ears at the end of her act.

Does it get any better? Thank you Bella and the Candy Kane Dancers for a lot of sexy fun.

The band came back on and added some more guests. Here Gavin is singing lead vocals.

Once the band came back on we all had to work off some of that sexual stimulation. The place started to move, dancers filled the floor and the vibe was great. There were beautiful girls, some obviously enjoying the evening's fun and drink doing the hippie dance.

I got a pic of these two girls dancing, they were having a gas.

Meanwhile, the band was giving the crowd what they wanted. Gavin had a great voice, he and Robert (both on the right) had a lot of fun and it showed.

Here is a pic of Barbara and Gavin doing a duet; Baby, It's Cold Outside.

I left at the end of the second set, it was total blast but there are limits. Live to fight another day.

Here is a pic of another one of their guests.

Thanks to Dan, Scott and the fine staff at Darrells for hosting this marvelous event. Thanks to Cathy and The Lady Lux Burlesque for a memorable evening. My buddy Mark, mentioned that we have seen the whole Xmas Maximus series...all two of them. I am looking forward to the next year.

I think I will also look for more Burlesque. Acceptable yet naughty fun. Here is Lillian again.