Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Rainieros and The 1Uppers at The Shanty 3-17-17

Homecoming. That is what it felt like last night. 2 great country bands playing together again. Jon Hyde just back from a successful tour in Europe and the sub-continent. Add the wonderful staff, proprietors and a dance floor, and you had the making for a killer night.

It seemed like I knew everybody in the house. I talked all night. I was almost hoarse when I got home at 1, but my wife said I didn't shut up about the fun until she went back to bed.

Here are some of the happy attendees. That is Marc and Gaby from The Honkeytonk Sweethearts and Jon Hyde.

Johnny Latenight, co-host of Shake the Shack on KEXP, decided to make a statement. I heartily agree! See Shake the Shack here:

Johnny also made a plea for a benefit to defeat DAPL. That will be on Thursday, March 23 at The Highline Tavern.

 We heard tales of Jon's travels before the show. He toured with another Washington musician. Karl Blau writes and sings country soul. He has a big following in Europe and played to packed shows. They also had 2 guitars stolen. They had to finagle loaned guitars for the whole show. Here is a selfie of the band.

Here is a video of Karl and Jon with the rest of the band performing The Wrong Stuff in Manufaktur - Schorndorf - 3/3/2017.

The Shanty Tavern is such a great place to see music and dance. John Spaccarotelli has owned the bar for many years. He is a bonified local Lake City boy and knows everybody. He and his daughter Dayna have kept this place open for music on Fridays for several years. Tonight their bar was filled with happy people. Here is John and Dayna.

Tonight was dance night. These two bands bring out the dancers. There isn't a sad face when either of these bands are on stage.  The dance floor was full the whole night.

There is also great love and friendship between the members of these bands. They were playing mix and match tonight. Kris Geren, the lead guitar for The 1Uppers was sitting in with Liam and The Rainieros. Normally Nick Streeter (who I saw in a FB post was in Thailand or some other warmer place than here) or Johnny 7 plays lead guitar. It was a special treat for me as I am a huge fan of Kris and his magical Telecaster.

Jon sang with Liam. They sang Beast of Burden a killer Stones tune.

Liam sang with Jon.

Perry sat in on drums with The 1Uppers.

And Kris played all night! Including sitting in for John Hendow, doing a mean imitation of John's baritone.

The fun started long before the show. Jon Noe the impresario and Joe Jabon the sound tech were assuming their usual position. Jon offered me the usual Friday Night treat, Red Vines...mmm, Red Vines.

Liam and The Rainieros were up first. They play great country music, putting their spin on the classics. I have seen and reviewed them many times. Here is one of my reviews where both bands played. This version of the Rug Cutters Bash coincided with my our wedding anniversary. The first of many great anniversary shows.

Tonight the Rainieros were: Liam Fitzgerald on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Tyler Johnson on bass, Donnie Staff on drums and vocals and Kris Geren on lead guitar. Tremendous stuff, I couldn't keep from shaking. You can connect with them here:

Liam has a lovely voice that has only got better with the passing years. I had to do a double take once as I wasn't expecting such beauty.

They had so much fun and it showed in every face in the place. I took my usual position right up next to the band. Where else can you stand 4 feet from an artist and watch them work.

Thanks to Liam and The Rainieros for a great show. As it turned out, we went out after their set and gathered in Donnie's Pad for refreshments and some gab. We had a gas talking about kids, business and mutual interests.

Donnie is an entrepreneur and owns Buds Garage in Everett Washington (see them here: He and his partners are into the medicinal qualities of cannabis. I too am a believer and have produced a series of posters celebrating the cannabis plant. Here is the first plate from the 10 plate series.

Once we were properly inspired we came back in to see one of the best bands in the land, one of my favorites local bands; The 1Uppers. I have seen and loved them more times than I can count. I have reviewed them many times. Here is another from the past with another great band, The Fentons:

Right away the bunch of us stated pelting the band with insults. We kept requesting Cadillac Truck (a big hit) even though they had just played it. Jon yelled back, "aw Thom, those Rainieros are a bad influence"...bad men! What a blast.

Connect with The 1Uppers here:

He tries to hide, but I captured me a wild Buzz. Caben Buswell; Bass-man.

Kris Geren, master of the Telecaster.

Dave Russell, great lead vocal and rhythm guitar.

Perry Morgan on percussion.

Jon Hyde on steel guitar and vocals.

Liam Fitzgerald, back-up vocals and Jolly Joker.

This was big fun for all fans of country music. There was the usual dance fans packing the dance floor. There was also a few of local country legends in the audience. Besides Gaby and Marc, I saw Country Dave Harmonson grooving to the tunes. I was surprised he didn't have a gig.

I got to speak with many at length as it was a great evening. I had a chance to talk to Gaby about the 30th Anniversary of File Gumbo. They will be playing The Highway 99 Blues Club on Sunday April 2nd. Here is Gaby and Jon.

The Shanty always provides the killer venue for dance and listening. John and Dayna have been welcoming and cordial to everyone who walks through the door. Last night John was wearing The Green and dancing around like a teenager.

Thanks to John, Dayna, Jon and Joe for providing the great place to have fun. What a great endeavor. We should all be so lucky. See The Shanty here:

Thanks to The Liam and Jon Show for so much quality entertainment. Too bad they don't have any fun.

Thanks to The 1Uppers and The Rainieros for a super fun time. When these musicians get together they create a small ripple in the space time continuum. Well, maybe it's just a small bump on the dance floor. But they definitely put a smile on your face.

David Russell.

You can't see this action sitting on the couch. See some live music and don't be shy, get right up close and watch these amazing artist's work. Appreciate the experience for what it is. I am an artist, but I won't let you watch me work over my shoulder.

Tyler Johnson.

And as always: