Sunday, October 9, 2016

Machine Animal and The Perfect Gentlemen at The Shanty Tavern 10-7-16

This was a great way to return to seeing live music after a summer off. I saw two killer bands rocking hard with skill and passion. No better experience in my book.

While it is great to see talented artists up close doing their good stuff, I do miss the waters of our little lake.

My wife and I have a little place on one of the nicest lakes in Pend Orielle County. Diamond Lake is 44 miles north of Spokane and 7 miles from the Idaho border. It is a beautiful place and I spend the whole summer there. See the area here:,-117.2026219,4297m/data=!3m1!1e3

I restore vintage boats and Mercury motors. Here is one I worked on this year. This is a 1967 Wacanda Husky, built in Colville Washington and powered by the mighty 1963 Mercury 1000.

Here is my wife Cathie and the neighborhood girls coming back to port in her boat. This is a 1955 Custom Craft Thunderbolt, very rare (only one known), powered by a 1958 Mercury Mark 55.

This was my first show in a long time. The last time I reviewed a show was in the beginning of August. It was a colossal surf show featuring a legendary band that had never been to the states before. The Phantom Four from The Netherlands started their tour in Seattle, we were so was epic. You can see that review here:

Dayna, the proprietor in residence at The Shanty (along with her dad who tends bar) extended a special invitation to me and my buddy Mark to this show. She produces a few shows a year and she always does it right. She has great taste and commissions cool posters (see above). Poster by Derek Vander. Dayna was sick tonight, but she soldiered on staying for one of her favorite bands.

Here is Mark enjoying an Irish Death.

Tonight featured two powerhouse bands that played rock with religious fervor. I had seen Machine Animal before; they play super-tight, original rock with screaming guitars, thumping bottom and great vocals by every member of the band. I reviewed them earlier this year, see it here:

The other band was making their first appearance as The Perfect Gentlemen. I had heard good things about them, I wasn't disappointed.

This will be an abbreviated post as I have an engagement tonight. I have to drink beer and watch The University of Washington Huskies football team kick the living daylights out of the Oregon Ducks football team on their home field. This will be the first time they will have beaten the Ducks since 2003. I say all this before the game, things may change.

The Perfect Gentlemen were up first. This was the first show for this band although they are all experienced local musicians. I recognized Otis P Otis from The F Holes.  The complete line-up is: Otis (lead guitar), Metalflake Jake (vocals, guitar), Mike Fritz Action (drums), SeawolfDee (bass guitar).

Here is Otis.

 I recognized SeawolfDee from Piston Ready, one of my favorite local bands. He plays a mean bass.

Mike Fritz Action on drums.

Metalflake Jake on vocals and rhythm guitar.

They played smashing original rock with a hard grungy touch. The vocals were great, but the duo lead guitars thrilled me the most. Super heavy, bordering on the psychedelic.

The moments I loved most were the extended intros, outros and solos. The pounding percussion and the thumping bottom combined with the killer 6-strings made for some magical moments with this band.

They played an amazing set considering that this was their first gig. All skilled musicians getting together and doing what they love.

The crowd was large and packed in tight to see this awesome collection of artists. I think their show was widely anticipated. I saw some of my favorite people there tonight.

Jon Noe, the Impresario of The Shanty.

Joe Jabon, sound tech and fabulous musician himself. See my review of his band, Banzai Surf here:

John was setting them up for the folks just like he does every Friday he has for many years.

Jarrett and Lisa were there. I see them at a lot of shows I go to. I once had a theory that they were following me around. I now just believe that we both have great taste in music.

Machine Animal was setting up for their turn. They have intense energy with stunning guitar work and tight vocals.

Here is a link to a video I shot, and it will give you some idea of the power these guys project:

Machine Animal is: Zack Van Houten: guitar, vox, Dave Crider: guitar, vox, Vincent Blackshadow: bass, vox and Bill Anker: drums, vox. You can connect with them on FaceBook here:
Dave Crider on guitar.
Dave and Zack duo.

All four musicians added vocals, a pretty cool thing to witness. I am not sure how you play one instrument with the right foot, another with the left. Then play another instrument with your right hand, and another with your left. Then you sing about multitasking.

Bill was fun to watch and hear.

This was an awesome sound, rock and roll at it's best. I like the way Callous French, put it on their FaceBook page put it: The songs were so f****n' dumb. Just dumber than dirt. Dumber than that horse you f****d. Bonehead Rock. Inspired by some of the dumbest 70s hard & glam rock songs & bands, the dumb just kept getting dumber. Dumb and Loud like an animal. 

Well said.

This was an excellent bill and killer entertainment by two bands that played all original tunes with the passion of true artists. Thanks to Dayna and the crew at The Shanty for providing a wonderfully intimate place to see live music.

See The Shanty here:

And as always:

Editors note: The Washington Huskies destroyed, no, embarrassed the Oregon Ducks, 70-21