Sunday, April 30, 2017

Adam "Beefcake" Bruno's Farewell Show at Darrells Tavern featuring The Kings and SmoKing Bill 4-29-17

We had a killer night of music at Darrells Tavern on Saturday eve. Adam Bruno, is moving to my hometown, Spokane WA. I highly advise against it...but he must have a good reason.

Actually, Spokane is beautiful 6 months a year. The other 6 is dark, wet, cold and usually snow up to your nunny. A little research showed me that he is originally from Coeur 'd Alene, just a spit away from Spokane.

He also owns his own VW restoration company, a specialized skill that will find clients where ever he is located. See Bruno Enterprises here:
I used to own a now rare 1963 VW 21 window bus with all the cool accessories. Wish I still had that one.
Adam is a superb trumpet player. He has played with many a great funk and ska bands in the Seattle area. SmoKing Bill is just the latest. He sure has fun with this band. I hope he finds another one in Spoklahoma soon.

The night started off with The Kings and their super high-energy punk inspired ska.

Damn if they didn't have Hagrid playing bass for them.

 The Kings are a pack of well seasoned Northwest punk rockers with deep roots in the vein of rock 'n' roll, rocksteady, ska and soul. Members: Jack (Drums), Jens (Guitar), Ryan (Vox and Keys), Ziko (Trombone), Shawn (Sax), Brent (Sax), and Zeke (Bass).  

They had Darrells rocking. The place was packed and up close to the band. This is the only place I know where you can get in an artist's face while they work. I love to watch a great musician.

Eventually Adam joined for a tune.

They brought the house down and all the peeps were sweating it out on the dance floor. The Kings killed it. See them here: and here:

Our lovely and talented barkeeper Emily always has the best time. She really comes alive when the horns get tooting! Here she is puling a beer with one hand, while she rocks with the other.

Our view was obscured tonight, but it could be worse.

Smoking Bill was getting ready to mount up.They have the best attitude, creating an instant party as soon as they start playing.

SmoKing Bill is A Rock band with a horn section. Upbeat if not quirky songs with often raunchy subjects. A lively sound that is easy to dance to. Members are: Jesse Calixto (vox), Adam Bruno (trumpet), Mike Ayre (trombone), Ed Littlefield (drums), Ben Dietzen (bass) and Greg Hagstrom (guitar).

Jesse opened with a hilarious intro that turned into a rocking frolic. They don't have any fun here, gotta figure Adam is going to miss this...

It just got nuts from there. The horns kicked in and the house went wild. As in the previous band, the bass and drums drive. Ed and Ben picked it up as they headed into party mode.

Mike and Adam...damn I love horns. Both are excellent musicians, and they can sing too!

An then there was Jesse who was Mr. Entertainment. A man of a thousand voices, so much fun!

This was a super fun event. They played like it was their final show. I am sure the band will continue without Adam, just a little less smoking.

Greg was on the other side of the stage and the place was packed so it was tough getting over there to get a shot, but I could hear him shredding.

What a way to go. A great send-off; surrounded by friends and family blowing a horn.

Thanks to The Kings and SmoKing Bill for the great show. Thanks to Darrells and the marvelous staff for the venue of my dreams.

Bon Voyage Adam, enjoy your time in Spokane. I hope to see you playing at one of the local bars soon. Here is Scott and Adam hanging before the show.

And of course: