Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Specks, The Paper Dolls and The Evanstones at Cafe Racer 2-26-16

Damn I love to see live music in tiny little venues. It doesn't get much smaller than Cafe Racer. Tonight they were so kind to lend their stage to 3 awesome acts.

I haven't been in the scene for very long. Really I just started seeing live music after a decade of abstinence. I missed a lot of great Seattle music in the late 80's and all of the 90's. I cannot write a lot of these posts with all the cool background info. I do find little tidbits, I will try to share what I can.

It doesn't take too may folks to fill this place up. At least in the music area. Cafe Racer has all sorts of nooks and crannies. See Cafe Racer here:  They also have a great range of local brews and friendly welcoming staff.

First up was The Evanstones, a local surf group that has been active for a few years. I have had them play for several of my shows. I love surf and The Evanstones know how to deliver. You can connect with them here: 


You can see some of my other posts with The Evanstones on this blog. Here is a post from one of my favorite shows:

The Evanstones are Hal Columbo on lead guitar, Colin Nelson on Percussion and Jeff Warden on bass. They create amazing surf at high decibels. They performed barefoot tonight, a symbolic sign of spring I hope.

They played some originals as well as some classic covers. In between we got the clever patter of Professor Quentin "Quisp" Evans - Guitarzooky

Hal, Jeff and Colin make sweet music together and it is always fun and entertaining.

The Paper Dolls were on next. I didn't do any home work and didn't know what to expect. They were a most refreshing sound that is a mix of garage and punk. Definitely with a Seattle swing to it.

They call Seattle their home base, I am ashamed to say that is the all I know about them. I got that off Facebook.  I see that they have played around, but this is the first time I had seen them. I hope someone will fill me in with a little history.

The Paper Dolls are: Tiffany Lee Linnes, Melanie Belanger, Christopher Kenan and  Jimmy Collier.

I did find some nice words about them on their Facebook page: “Seattle based quartet possesses a natural gift for American-minted, and historically accurate rock'n'roll of the glorious three chord variety"  I do agree. you can connect with them here:

I loved the energy and fun they were creating. Skilled guitarists, driving bass and stellar percussion was evident in all their tunes. The vocals were great too, once they got the mike's tuned.

This was comfort music as far as I was concerned; loud, musical and well performed. A real joy to see and hear.

I will keep my eye out so I can see this talented group again. Look for the Paper Dolls at your nearest rocking establishment.

I got to see two of my favorite clubbing folks this evening. Some of you may remember Lisa from the Lux Lives! post of a couple weeks ago. She was the fantastic dancer in the leopard skintight suit. You may also recognize Jarrett if you have been to any of these type of shows.

They got photobombed by the bartender in this shot.

I also met Amy who was very friendly and sweet. She was there rocking with her hubby John. It was nice to shake with her out on the dance floor.

The crowd was up and getting in close for the next band. Again I was ignorant of any of the musicians here. Jarrett said something about the one of the lead guitarists (they had 2, no bass), was from The Primitive V. The other was from another famous band from the past: Zack Static.

The full member list is here from their Facebook page: Zack - Guitar, Vocals, Brian - Guitar, Vocals, Sabina - Drums, background vocals. You can connect with them here:

They had a super vibe and played great punk and some killer surf, just like I love. Great vocals combined with skilled musicians make for good music.

They were also having a blast. They thanked Hal for putting the event together and inviting them. I think this was a rare event. I was so glad I got to see.

 They describe their band as: a garage punk trio from Seattle. One part Statics, one part Primate 5, one part crazy bitch from NYC. The peeps were happy and up and grooving.

There was a phenomenal energy radiating from these three. The had a great presence and had obviously played with each other before. Even if it was a while ago.

Here is a video clip of them doing You Don't Love Me No More:

Ok, It must be said as I am just a normal healthy man. The drummer was gorgeous. 

Sabina also sang lead vocals, She had a great voice and presence.

Pardon me while I indulge in a few other photos of Sabina.

Thanks to Cafe Racer for  putting on live music. I made sure to buy lots of beer even if though I was tee-totaling, as there was no cover. I left 3/4 of my second beer.

Thanks to the bands and all the folks who came out to see live music. It is great for your soul.

I have an upcoming show at Darrells Tavern featuring The Primate Five, The Raw Dogs and The Cheap cassettes with Djake Noose spinning discs on May 14th. Do join!

Thanks to Six Gun Romeo for the use of their skull logo. See this fantastic rockabilly band here: