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Lucky Lawrence and the Souveniers at The Shanty Tavern 2-19-16

Lucky and his band are one of my perennial favorites. I was especially pleased tonight as they were in my hood. The Shanty Tavern is a venerable institution located at the top of the Lake City hill just off I-5. Easy to get to, ample parking (sometimes, unless Danni Ashe or someone like that is at the strip club next door), great acoustics and staff.

Here is Dayna, our wonderful hostess, saying hi:

And here is our most talented sound tech and totally amazing musician in his own right; Joe Jabon. Joe is in of one of my favorite local surf groups,;Banzai Surf. You can see a lot written on them on my blog. Here is one post:

Lucky always brings out the dancers. There was a huge Rockabilly show at Slim's tonight; it definitely took away some of the crowd, but the place was still packed.

I have reviewed Lucky and the Souvenirs many times; you can find my first one here and there are many more if you search around the blog: 

I love Lucky, his voice, demeanor and the peeps he surrounds himself with. I was able to talk with him before the the show. While I try not to bug the artists, I always like to pay my respects.

 I was also able to talk with two of my favorite musicians/friends that play in the Souvenirs. Jon Hyde, who plays peddle steel and Perry Morgan, who plays percussion. They are both talented and sweet fellows. I met Jon at work and have been a fan ever since. I met Perry just because I have seen him so many times on the stage.

Here is Perry, what a great smile:

Here is Jon, bitchin' cowboy shirt and big hat looking fine:

Terry and Perry before the show.

Jon Noe, the booking agent and Jon Hyde are meeting before the show.

The moment has arrived and Jon introduces the band.

Magic time; Lucky has a great voice and they are as skilled as any band you can name. I wish they played more often.

My sweet wife was in Spokane this evening and missed Lucky and this evening's fun. She refers to Lucky as a "leg spreader".  I try to pretend I don't know what she is talking about...but he is a hunk.

Jon is a great musician and plays many a stringed instrument. I have seen him play Dobro, National Steel, Peddle Steel, Lap Steel and six string. He even adds vocals when needed. He is a vocalist and steel guitarist for The 1Uppers, another one of my favorite country bands.

Jon was just getting the crud that is currently going around. I am one week in to the same,  but it wasn't going to keep me from seeing Jon. We were both a little green around the gills.

Lucky Lawrence has been around for many years. He is a singer/song writer from Roslyn, Washington. He has toured the states and has played for many an adoring crowd. Tonight, the Souvenirs were: Jon Hyde, peddle steel; Perry Morgan, percussion; Jack Hanan, bass guitar and Terry Bratsch, acoustic guitar. Terry has his own killer band; Redneck Girlfriend. They are truly one of the best and raucous bands in town. I have attended their shows and they have a huge following.

Here is Terry adding vocals. He has played with Lucky on and off for years.

I can never get a great picture of the bassman for any band at The Shanty. They are always behind the huge speaker stacks in the dark. Here is Jack as good as I can get him without a flash.

And of course trying to get pics of Perry way in the back (I think that is part of Snohomish County no?) is always a pain. I try not to trip on any wires or knock a speaker over while I am crawling about.

Getting great pictures of Lucky is easy; the camera loves him.

The dancers were up from note one and never sat down. Lucky and the boys know how to keep every foot happy. I tried to stand still to take pics, but I was only mildly successful.

They played many of the old faves and some covers. My wife's favorite song is King of Heartache. I made sure to sing along with all the words in her absence.

A few more of my friend Jon for his fans.

Be sure to see Lucky and his band the next time they come to town. They have an infectious sound that will get you up and moving. See The Souvenirs here:

Thanks to Dayna and Dad for putting on great live music. To Jon and Joe for making sure it was organized, marketed and sounded great. And to the folks who came out to participate in live music.

Thanks to Six Gun Romeo for use of their Skull image. They are a most excellent band from Vancouver, B.C. You can see then here:

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