Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lux Lives! A tribute to the Cramps with The Boss Martians, The F-Holes, Die Nasty, The GoreHounds and Thee Swingin' Creeper

This evening delivered everything one loves in a live show, and at the best venue in Seattle. Fantastic artists, beautiful people, great music and many good friends. The place was crowded when I walked in and it was packed all night.

The night was dedicated to the music of the Cramps and the lead singer, Lux Interior. Here is the official description: Rock 'n' Roll Freaks and Something Weird Video Presents: LUX LIVES - SEATTLE, a two night celebration of Lux Interior and The Cramps, benefiting the Best Friends Animal Society!

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I ended up having a permanent smile on my face all night. I took over 500 pics, I am going to let them them tell a lot of the story. Here is a wonderful way to start a show. GoreHounds.

When I first walked in I settled into my usual spot at the bar and these lovely people were a few seats down already having a blast. I know talent when I see it. This was going to be fun.

I love Darrells; great staff, owner, adult beverages and the killer sound system. It was loud last night, but not ear protection loud (until Die Nasty came on stage). Damien is one of the most excellent mixologists at Darrells. He experiments a lot. He came up with this concoction with a base of Grapefruit juice and Hendrix gin, my drink of choice. He adds some soda, and a tincture of his own making. It has infused secret ingredients ...totally yummy.

GoreHounds were great. I was standing next to their manager/caretaker. Nelson Heston Riley was a happy and friendly guy. He saw that I was taking a lot of pics and wanted to make sure I met all the gang. They are a collection of lovely ladies, drag queens and a cute little gay man that had a wonderful presence. They made everyone smile. Everyone should have this much fun.

Here is our gorgeous and entertaining hostess,. This is Miss Anita Goodman. 

Once she got us warmed up, the music and the fun started. They sang along to Cramps tunes, sometimes with the lyrics under, sometimes not. This girl could belt it out. She started with a mask, but showed her real self once she started singing.

The acts are here from Nelson: *Caitlyn of The North - let's get fucked up & Queen of pain. Miss Elaine Yes gogo danced for Q.O.P. *Ade - Fever Timmy gogo dancing *Freckles Riverside - within but a gorehound * Miss Anita Goodmann - MC - Host - Bikini Girls with machine guns.

How much fun is that?

The place was already packed and everybody was up and enjoying the show. Where else can you get this close to a performing artist? Where else can you get a direct response from the artist like this?

We had to hold our breath as the next part of the act came on stage. The vision of this young lad in holy, crotch less stockings bending over in front of a 6'4" beautiful women was at once alluring and scary. It turned out to be hilarious good fun.

She sang, he strutted and shimmied, all to one of Lux's crazy tunes.

Very cool and sexy, ahem, I mean to some people...

Here is another talented artist, Miss Elaine Yes, blowing us all away with acts of brazen sluttery.

Her leather junk holder contained a special surprise. Imagine our glee as we were showered with ping pong balls. Yes, the time-honored tradition of popping ping pong balls out of your poh-poh. Freaking hilarious.

Mine had an eyeball on it, and some unidentified substance that I assumed was precious bodily fluids. I made sure to save it for later.

They invited up a young lady of the audience to come up and dance with them. When she demurred, Marieke jumped right in. More about Marieke later, but let's watch her dance now.

If you weren't up and dancing by now you were not paying attention. These folks know how to have fun. The final act of debauchery came with our hostess singing and dancing with the rest of the troupe.

They all ended up with weapons, doing a rousing version of Girls with Machine Guns. Thanks to GoreHounds for a super fun evening. They were even fun after the act, hanging around for a lot of the night.

A lot of my buds were here tonight. Here is Djake Noose, DJ, promoter, writer, curator and great guy with his lovely wife Amanda.  The place got so crowded that I never saw him again. He was in one corner, me in another.

I met some wild folks tonight. Here is Chief (a beloved local) chumming around with a guy that was having crazy fun.

Later, I saw the same guy getting into a limo. He begged me to come saying they were headed to Rik's (a strip club).  I decided to stay with my car and buds at Darrells. I bet they had fun.

At one point I was talking with the owner Dan. I told him that I pitied the poor fool that had to go to the bathroom, an impossible task to even move. Well maybe you could dance.

The F-Holes were up next bringing their unique sound to the Cramps music. They are a favorite local band that has a big following. It was appropriate that they played tonight.

They definitely had the peeps up and dancing. You can connect with The F Holes on Facebook here:

The lead singer got a special delivery, every guy in the house wanted his beer delivered like this...

I was sitting with a nice couple at the bar and caught a look at her phone and purse, classic. She insisted on reviewing the photo for publication. With that smile you would look good anywhere.

The show was just beginning. One of the longest lasting surf-punk-frat rock bands in Seattle were up next. The Boss Martians are back playing lots of shows and it is such a treat seeing them play.

They play with an energy of 10 guys. My wife and I were fortunate to have them play at one of our anniversary parties. Every December we have a surf party in honor of our wedding anniversary. You can read about that one here:

Nick is an amazing percussionist.

Erik is a most excellent bass guitarist and vocalist.

And Evan is the bomb.

The combination is electric. They played some originals as well as many of The Cramps' best.

Awesoma Powa!

There was some great dancing tonight. One beautiful, petite, girl was slithering away in a skintight leopard print body suit. I took a series of pics of her. Thanks for sharing Lisa.

She developed a special relationship with Evan.

Evan has such a great rapport with the crowd. It comes from years of experience. He is also a great guy. You can really tell he loves to perform.

The Martians invited Marieke Benner up to sing a couple tunes. She is a natural for this event and brought the house down with her version of Lux.

Marieke and I have known each other for a long time. I am proud to say that I was an early cheerleader of her talents. I met her when she was sitting in for a couple songs with The Barn Door Slammers at Slims in '12. She was a recent refugee from Pennsylvania (?) and was looking to perform. She had cut her musical teeth in school and at church. Here is the post from then: Here is a pic from that first event.

Here she is today. Bam!

She now has her own band, joined by some of the best musicians in town. See Marieke and the Go Get 'Em Boys if you can, you will love.  Connect with them here:
See one of my reviews here:

But Wait! The night was not over. Evan and the boys rocked out a couple more, making a great night even better.

 I will never ever get tired of these three talented guys. I have all their published music and a bootleg or two. I highly recommend you buy some of their music here. Support your local artist:

OK, one more of the lovely and talented Marieke L Benner. 

In between each band was as much of a treat as the live music onstage. Thee Swingin' Creeper was the Dj for the evening. From Vancouver, he had a great plate of music for the event. He published a list of the tunes he played, you can see that here:

If you were weak of heart you may have thought of leaving. The show had been amazing to date and between the live music, theater and curated break music, you may have thought the night was complete.

How wrong you were. I had seen Die Nasty before, I knew they were last for a reason. They are hard to follow.

They have high energy presentation that is jarring. Their Cramps stuff was great. Lauren was a blur.

This band is a controlled explosion. They are ton of fun to watch and the music is killer. This is where you needed hearing protection. And maybe a truss.

We are so lucky to have these artists to enjoy. For a modest price that went to a good cause (the Best Friends Animal Society), we got to see some of the best theater and hear some of the greatest local music. 

Thanks to Darrells Tavern, the great staff, the wonderful artists and all the people who support live music.

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