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Casey Ruff and The Mayors of Ballard, Sweetlix and The Colour Project at Mix 12-21-12

Friday was a pretty sleepy night, most folks were at company parties, having family time or traveling. They certainly weren't at the bars or attending shows. Mark and I had stopped at Slim's and they didn't even have any live music. So when we walked in to an empty bar in the other part of Georgetown we weren't surprised.

I had never been to Mix before. It is a cozy little club with a substantial stage and cool club atmosphere. Mark is a mannequin freak and they had a ton of them so he thought it was a sweet environment.

They had a compact but potent bar. Check them out here:

And they had a great server named Eroyn (pronounced Erin), she made us a Lychee vodka Kamikaze. Here she is mashing limes.

I don't have a ton of time to write up flowery prose this evening. The fact that it is evening tells me that I am late in producing a review. I would do it tomorrow but I have another show to go to tonight, another review tomorrow.

The Colour Project played first, great musicians playing some good music with an indie rock bend. 

The Colour Project is based here in Seattle and consists of 4 members; Jessie Mckenna plays guitar, keys and sings lead vocals, Matt Vogan plays guitar, Joe Wuolet on bass and Mark Chrisman on drums.

Jessie was gorgeous and had a marvelous set of pipes. She was multi-talented, here playing lead guitar.

The band was tight, talented and played all original material.

Matt was killing the guitar, skilled fingers caressing the strings. That is Chris in the back keeping the beat.

Joe was diving the band with a sweet bass line.

They were excellent and the sparse crowd enjoyed. Mark and I later determined that we were two of maybe 10 folks that paid to get in. The rest were band members and entourage.

I am looking forward to seeing them again, see their Facebook page here:

The next band was setting up, here is a picture of the drum set. I am enamored with the instruments and hardware of the musicians.

Sweetlix was a trio of young gents from West Seattle. They are: Bobby Woods on vocals and guitar,
Estevan Marzereigos on bass and Ryan Lucas on drums.

They delivered all original tunes with humor, skill and energy. The first song was about one of Bobby's trashy girlfriends.

Since it was Apocalypse eve (we only had hours to live), Bobby mentioned that each tune was an End of the World song. He had fun, they were good.

They played rock and roll with some punk and blues mixed in.

They were on a mission to rock and they did just that, here is Jessie and a couple of her mates enjoying the show.

Toxic Fumes was a great tune, a total dark punk tribute featuring loud guitars, rocking bass and killer percussion.

The folks that were there got to see a good show. Sweetlix is represented at Revebnation here, listen to some of their tunes:

We were playing a game between sets. Here we were trying to flip the coaster off the bar, so it sits on top of the no avail.

Next up was Casey and The Mayors of Ballard. I had seen Casey in the audience, he is a good guy and a great musician. He had leaned back to stretch in his chair, laying his head back, looking to the sky and there I was. I was just walking by and caught him at the right moment. We had an upside-down moment.

Casey and his mates are quite entertaining, he has a great presence and voice. I have reviewed him a couple times before. See one here, it was a killer night:

DJ Busby is on bass, laying the bottom for this driving band.

Dan Walker is slaying the lead, tasty licks from a talented fellow.

Casey is a good old boy from Montana he brings the country mojo. Passionate and talented, he performs his own original material, a great mix of genres.

Kate Voss sang vocals and played keys. Here she is singing stellar vocals.

 Casey rocks.

I love Casey and he performed his usual great set. I am always appreciative of the many hours of work that goes into each performance for every band. The love of the art and the aspirations of each musician is manifested in their performance.

I love live music and Casey and his mates deliver the best. Check out a video of Casey and The Mayors of Ballard here:

See Casey here:

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