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Xmas Maximus, Cathy Sorbo and the XXXmas dancers at Darrel's 12-23-11

Cathy Sorbo is a crack-up!  She was the hostess of the Xmas Maximus event at Darrel's Tavern. I like Darrel's, great parking, close to home (North Seattle), good full bar with excellent choices of micro-brews, good service and a good seat for every show. They bill the tavern as "where your dad used to drink"; homey ambiance and friendly people.

I was looking to go to see something fun for the Xmas weekend when the Xmas show at Darrel's showed up. I had heard of Cathy; I knew that she occasionally was on KUOW, as a writer and comedienne. I had never heard of Xmas Maximus or the XXXmas dancers. But come on, the title sold me...Triple X-mas dancers? I give them credit just for the name, I had to see them.

My buddy Mark and his wife Jen got there early and secured the best table in the house. It also meant we were closest to the girl who loves to find insecurities in the audience then pick at them. Cathy and I sparred all night. I loved her, she was the funny as every other word was unprintable; her pubes and the change of life were big subjects. As I understand her situation, she has hair growing in places that only Neanderthals had it growing. I don't think she could even get to this spot to shave there if she wanted...I can't imagine anybody else helping her shave there, it is too repulsive. She is going to have to wear pedal pushers at the beach for the rest of her life.

She was cute, sexy and really funny. And you know you have to give it to her for standing up there letting everybody see her soul. I am amazed at performers who get up in front of a sometimes impaired, always distracted audience to deliver a set of stories, situations or BS that is supposed to make you laugh. Tough work, but Cathy is a pro. Here I was laughing at her pubes, I felt so dirty.

The band; XMas Maximus, was a mix of friends, all having collaborated at one time or other on other projects. Here is the description on their Facebook page...I couldn't do any better in describing their pedigree: Immaculately conceived by and featuring Robert Henson (Dose, SIL2K, Transpacific, Western State Waltz Project), Barbara Trentalange (Spyglass, Sushirobo, Head Like A Kyte, Crooked Fingers), Mike Cody (The Wiyos, Western State Waltz Project), Stuart McLeod (SIL2K, Transpacific) and Gavin Guss (Tube Top, The Tycoons, Nada Surf, Gavin Guss).

They played a mix/covers of Xmas tunes arranged in various genres, Reggae, Surf, Rock, Blues and others. I did find a list of the tunes they played, here are a few; (your a bad man Mr.) Grinch, Good Tidings (instrumental), Baby it's cold outside, The only thing I want for Christmas, Blue Christmas, I don't intend to spend Christmas without you. There were others but you get the point that it was a very creative repitiore and a quite brave undertaking.

I was impressed as I could tell that it had taken some time for these musicians to arrange, learn and then perform these tunes.  The lead guitar was passed along to every member of the band I believe so it was clear they were all multi-talented. The drummer came up and played the vibes with a bow, never seen that before. I could hear it really well, very beautiful sound.

Barbara was gorgeous in a red dress and heels, she sang vocals, played the flute and guitar. She had a beautiful voice and a magnetic stage presence; sultry and sexy.  She was featured on my favorite tunes - Baby it's cold outside; she did a great duo with the lead singer, and Fairy Tale of New York, the killer Pogues duet.   

The lead vocal/guitar was entertaining and animated, made for a great show. I am sorry I cannot put names to the instruments, I found their Facebook page but it just listed the members. I could only guess that Barbara was the female. Great keyboards, Thumping Bass (he was rocking at times, I like to watch artist having a good time) and creative percussion.

They were all quite accomplished and had a lot of fun...they have fun, we have fun.

Then of course there were the XXXmas Dancers, beautiful girls performing Burlesque. Darrel's listed the talent as Bella Bambina and Friends, a quick search revealed Bella was a girl based in the UK. I believe she was the last one on the bill. She was a full figured girl who moved gracefully as she took off her costume to a lovely canned tune. She was very animated as she looked to the audience for their permission to take off strategic pieces. She was down to the last item then off the stage way too soon. Thank you Bella!  

The girl who picked up the costumes shed by the Burlesque dancers was really cute and interacted well with the audience. Cathy made sure that when the pick up girl bent over, her derrière was pointed towards me or some other close in customer. Apparently a long tradition in Burlesque, I found the practice exhilarating.

 There were three sessions of Cathy, Xmas Maximus and Burlesque. There were two other girls who danced in the first two sessions, they were cute, fun and sexy. One later visited me and used my lap to relax on...another practice I found, um, refreshing.

I salute these girls/performers for getting up in front of strangers to bare all, almost. They bare more than flesh, I am envious of the love they have for their art.

Last but not least I want to mention the sound man. I think that these guys are the unsung heroes of any good show. Not quite the fifth Beatle, but close. I introduced myself to Scott. I had been to several shows and seen him run the board before. Good clear sound; the artist can hear the other members of the band and the audience can catch all the subtleties of the music. He was interacting with the band, taking pictures (for a future coffee table book no doubt) and alternately dancing with all the cute girls in the place. Strong work Scott.

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