Sunday, January 8, 2012

Latigo Lace at the Little Red Hen 11-19-11

I had never heard of Latigo Lace, I did do a quick search on them and listened to some tunes so I was somewhat prepared. I wanted to stay close to home, The Little Red Hen was the closest option.

Small, intimate and cozy the Hen is a great place to see live music. See my post on The Jukehouse Hounds to get a good description of this neighborhood tavern.

Latigo Lace is a fun country band that plays rocking country, originals as well as covers. The band took the stage and played a couple instrumentals minus their lead singer, they got the crowd going from the first note.

The band consist of Bobbi Jo Lyn; lead singer, Rolf Larson, Michael Hensley, Kevin Dale and Mark Collins. I am sorry I cannot match artist to instrument. They played mostly high-energy country rock with a smattering of ballads, 2 steps and heart breakers.

I am going to tell you the truth here, it has been a couple months and I don't remember the details. I liked them a lot, Bobbi Jo was beautiful and had a great voice. The lead guitar was a young fuzzy headed kid  that played like a pro. I remember the brains behind the band was the bass player. He was funny and entertaining. The keyboard was skillful and rocking, adds vocals and humor. The drummer keeps a good beat and sings vocal.  

The whole reason I am writing this two months later is recount a great stunt the bass player, the leader of the band pulled on his new lead singer. This stunt fooled her...for a while. It fooled me big, I left the place thinking this was a real incident. I will retell the story and you can see the great stunt that fooled me an many others in the crowd.

During the second set a gentleman approached the stage and started haranguing Bobbi Jo; eventually getting up on stage and taking over the microphone. I saw this guy come in, I should have known.

My dad spent 23 years in the FBI, he later spent many years as a private eye:  Don Head, Private Dick. He would have had this guy pegged from the second he entered the door.

He had dreads, a muscle man t-shirt that said something like "Emergency Sex Tool", he clearly didn't fit into this audience of mostly cowboy hats and lades in cowboy boots. As he started harassing Bobbi Jo he mentioned that he was from her home state, Minnesota (I think). He knew intimate details of her life and claimed he had followed her out here to Seattle.

The crowd was getting nervous, then angry, we started yelling for him to get off the stage. It only seemed to make him harangue a little harder. Bobbi Jo was trying with all her might to be gracious. He mentioned that it was close to her birthday, she was surprised he knew all this info.

Just when i thought someone would go up and take him off stage the lead guitar started playing Happy Birthday. Our intruder started singing and manically dancing leading the whole audience in singing. At the end of the tune he walked to the edge of the stage, held up his arms in victory and fell off the stage, falling flat on his face.

Oh shit! What I had thought was going to be a disaster turned into one of the coolest displays ever. Now understand; I thought that this was reality. He got up and stumbled off, the band started cranking, the dancers started dancing.

Come to find out later it was all a set up...what a chump. 

I loved the band, I am going to see them again in 2 weeks.   

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