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The Crying Shame, Ole Tinder, Sumner Brothers, A.P.Dugas at Conor Byrne 2/3/12

Conor Byrne was packed when we got there at 9:30. This was a 4 band bill and two of the bands were releasing cd's.

A.P Dugas was on-stage and belting out tunes with an acoustic guitar and a strong voice. He did have a bunch of fans in the audience, nice to see him getting support. I did not get much of a listen as he was off stage before we got situated.

Next up was the Sumner Brothers from Vancouver BC. Two very talented brothers who had great vocals and skilled picking. Performing their own tunes they had a captivating stage presence and a big sound for 2 guys. Brian played guitar, banjo and a tiny little Casio keyboard. He hunched over his instruments, concentrating on his craft. He also sang vocals. He was very animated and he loved what he was doing.

Bob sang lead vocals and played guitar. He was fun to watch, very passionate and well practiced. He really got rocking; I could see the love for his art coming out as beautiful music.

They played a down home alt. folk style, their page credits Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen and Will Oldham among others as inspiration. They seemed connected as only kin can be; working closely together to make tight, original and beautiful music. The crowd was loving them and they received huge applause after every tune.

The Sumner Brothers are starting a tour that will take them as far south as San Diego. You can check out their website here:

I don't have a picture of him playing the kiddies piano but it was great, unique sound that really added to the fabric of the tune.

My buddy Mark and I went out for a breath of stale air and by the time we got back Ole Tinder was already coming on stage. The turnaround was fast, I like that. I did listen to a tune online and that sold me on this show. These guys are tight and had a strong sound; they played wonderful folky-country. This was also their cd release party. I found the merch table by the stage after asking the door dude. The place was packed and it was tough to move, as you got closer to the stage it got worse. I took one of theirs and one cd from The Crying Shame. I tossed in more than they were charging as I want to support our local musicians.

Mike, lead vocals and guitar, Nils, bass and vocals, Pat, drums and Jay, pedal steel rocked the house. A great style of country celebrating the classic with a heavy touch of originality. I fell in love with them from the first lick. They were polished and tight; Mike and Nils singing great original tunes. The technical skills were top notch, Mikes guitar was clear and easy to hear, thanks to a strong sound board. Nils had a great presence as he was at time lost in the moment, eyes closed and just rocking.

The pedal steel was magical. I have only recently started to appreciate this wonderful instrument. J's sound was an original mix of that high lonesome sound and classic country. I loved the sound of the band and in my mind the steel defined this great band.

I couldn't see him as he was in back behind Mike (and the place was packed) but Pat was back there keeping the beat with original and sweet percussion.

They received a killer response and seemed genuinely surprised thanking the crowd for the props.

Here is a link to their site:

I was sitting next to someone who seemed to enjoy the music as much as I did. I leaned over and asked if she was connected to the band and in some way and it turned out she was the wife of J, the pedal steel player. I told her how much I liked the band and gleaned a little info. J played a single neck here but does have a double. I got to meet him a when their set was over (way too soon). A super nice and very talented guy. I slobbered all over him and Mike.

I have been listening to their cd all afternoon. I am a member of their fan club, can't wait to see them again.

The headliner was The Crying Shame, a 6 piece group out of Seattle. Post war, garage punk is their description, I could not peg them at all. I have been listening to their cd and it is eclectic and original. Last night I heard country, folk, punk, garage, metal and even psychedelic.

I was amazed to see 6 people on the Conor Byrne stage, I felt for them as they had to stay in one spot so as not to fall into the audience.

Arlan, Dylan, Teo, Eric, Lucille and Jesse are the players, each adding another layer to a rich mix of great music. A fiddle and a cello were a great addition to electric guitar, electric bass and percussion. At one point the cello player was making his instrument moan, then shriek and then buzz in a Hendrix style riff.

The vocals were tight and tasty. The lead singer also played lead guitar, Lucille added complimentary vocals. They were enjoying themselves and telegraphing that to the audience. They got huge applause, much love was had by all.

Here is a link to their site:

Give them a listen and buy their music. This wonderfully original band deserves our support.

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  1. Thanks so much for writing about the show! We love everyone dearly who played that night and it was great fun! Also, thanks so much for buying a CD and we are really glad you are enjoying it. If you come to another show, please say hello ~ We really appreciate your support! Cheers, Lucile


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