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Knut Bell and The Blue Collars at The Little Red Hen 3-17-12

I needed comfort food. After the pummeling I took the night before from Redneck Girlfriend and Dead Man, I needed some love. Luckily some musical chicken soup was available and right in the neighborhood.

Not only did I leave Slim's exhausted Friday night but I had to work the next day. Well you cannot really call it work, I have the best job in the world. I produce special interior projects for The Starbucks Support Center and high-profile stores throughout the world. Here is what I did yesterday:

I do specialty illustrations and chalk art, it is as much fun you can have and still get paid. I have done one of a kind art for stores in Istanbul and Costa Rica. I also design exhibits, interiors and displays within the building. I am fairly independent and I only answer to the big cheese. I love my job.

I worked until 3, took a quick siesta and started blogging. After a little nosh and some quality time with the lovely Mrs. Ghia, I posted sometime around 8:15pm and left for Green Lake at 9. Knut and the boys would provide some respite to a crazy previous evening and day of stepping off and on a 20" platform.

The Hen is a great place to dance and see live music. In fact The Little Red Hen is one of the only venues I regularly go to that is dedicated to dancing, as in country. See their site here:

I love to watch people dancing; there are so many levels of skill and exuberance. There are the older folks who barely move; shuffling along as the younger and more limber dancers move around them. There is always a guy who tortures multiple partners by dancing around like he has just taken a handful of bennies; bouncing around like gravity has no effect on him.

There is also always a short guy dancing with a taller girl, constantly hitting her do with his arm as he tries to make a clean swing. I also love to watch the people that just want to get out and move but can't dance worth squat. I am one of those, I move all night but don't dare lift my foot for fear of falling over.

I love watching the older guys dance the feet off the younger girls. I stand at the bar that butts onto the dance floor. I usually stand next to the same guy, a decade older than me he dresses in a neat cowboy hat and snappy outfit. I love to watch him as he is skilled and dances with many cute girls. He was busting the chops of this one girl; she was trying to hang on as he spun her around like a top. When he came off the dance floor I told him he was going to wear those poor young girls out. He smiled a sheepish grin and went off hunting for his next partner.

There is no better country dance band than Knut Bell and the Blue Collars. They are great at keeping the crowd up and moving. From the first note to the last of their set they have a plan; play a mix of tunes that never bores, always entertains.

Just as I got there I saw the lead guitarist Grady step up on stage and start to tune up, I rarely say anything to an artist and especially not when they are at work. Grady and I had exchanged messages on Facebook and he had extended me an invite to this show. I walked up and introduced myself, he is a great guy and is fast turning into one of my favorite musicians.

Knut has a larger than life stage presence and knows how to direct a great show. Last night he had dyed his goatee and massive sideburns neon green, he also had a a green feather boa tied around his cowboy hat. Nobody can say he doesn't have any fun. He gets the crowd up and dancing right away. His show modulates; weasel-grasping ballads morph into happy-feet hip-shakers.

The Blue Collars are Kinny on Steel, Grady on Lead, Jim on Bass and Lewis on Drums. Knut sings all the vocals and plays acoustic guitar. They play marvelous country music that will put a smile on your face and get your foot a tapping.

Last night Grady was ON... he was throwing down his best stuff. I love all the music Knut plays and I particularly like the kick-ass rocking tunes. Grady handles both with skill and creativity, but he shines when the tunes are cooking. Last night his fingers were busy making magic. I got up close to watch, he was having a blast; happy musician, happy me.

Kinny and him were trading the usual great lines; the steely complimenting the solid body perfectly. The bass and drums provide the solid bottom and Knut's low velvety voice makes for a great sound. I was grooving and the memory of today's work just melted away.

Love Knut here:

I left at the first break, it was odd to go home so early but I was biffed. Knut had done his job, all was right in the world. I bid a fond adieu to The Little Red Hen, Knut and his neon-green goatee, Grady and his rocking guitar and half a beer. I will live again to rock.

I do want to say hello to readers in other countries. I am happy you have dropped by to take a read. I am not the best writer but I felt a need to write about what is happening in the small clubs of Seattle. You can always read what happened at the larger venues from a pro. It is not my job to criticize, if I don't like something I don't write about it. I just want to record what I see, spin a yarn or two and if I can get someone off the couch to see some live music I am thrilled.

I have had readers in Russia, Latvia, Argentina, Israel, Canada, Germany, Costa Rica, India, Thailand, Spain, France, The United Kingdom, Columbia, Malaysia and Chile. Thanks to all for the patronage.

The latest edition of The Stranger has a good look into the world of touring bands. It is interesting to read the real skinny from people who do it professionally. You can read it here:

I am listening to Surf music right now; Madeira plays rocking Tiki Surf, I also just got a compilation called Brave New Surf. It is the finest of new music from all over the world. Double Crown Records is the best resource for surf and instrumental music. See them here:

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  1. Wow, reading what you had to say about Knut, makes me what to follow what you have to say more, and check out your music likes that I havn't heard of. I'm a new Knut fan, ever since he wrote the song about Sgt.Charlie Ross in Afganistan. I am the co-writer of the song that Charlie named his chopper after this year, Gaurdian Angel by Kirsten and Britt (1987) Which you can look up on YouTube. Knut was able,since I was not, write and perform another song in just a couple days?!, for Charlies departure party. His lyrics sent me over the top, groovin, and loving thats his words made me respect this soldier and fellow brother and the work they do. Put my song title right in there, which gets me all gitty inside. He has such great talent, and was honored to read your review of him. Long live the music and its louder than life fans. Just say'n Kirsten out!


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