Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Band Across The Street at Slim's 4-26-12

It felt like family. My buddies from work were playing at Slim's again, back by popular demand.

Karl had finagled an early spot on a Thursday night a few months back. Slim's doesn't normally have music at Happy Hour so it was a nice addition to their normal schedule.  The first show was a sparse presentation; no tech guy so it was not the best sound. But the place was packed with co-workers and friends. Those folks were ordering dinner, swilling beers and sipping cocktails. As soon as they were done playing the place was empty.

The folks at Slim's are in the business of making money and I am sure they could smell it here.. They didn't miss this opportunity, BATS got invited back.

It seems they have a great gig there every month, on a third Thursday evening from 6-7. This was their third gig in a series. A perfect lead into Friday and the weekend, they have found a niche. I hope they can keep it up. They had another nice and very appreciative crowd on this balmy Thursday eve.

The Band Across The Street is Karl, David, Geoff and Ben, they play rock covers with some very creative arrangements. They do a great version of the Paul Revere and the Raiders song Steppin' Out. The very 60's and almost comical refrain step, step step, step, step, steppin' out on me is handled with humor.

And by gum, I think Dave was there in the 60's. Tonight he decided he wanted to set up his keyboards so he was facing inward with his back to a major part of the bar. I gave him a hard time then and here it is again.

Another reason this felt like family was that Ben's mother and father had flown in from Minnesota. Mom was into it, she was clapping, mouthing the words. Apparently Ben's dad taught him a lot of what he knows musically. It was nice to see them digging their son.

Ben lays down a great bottom playing a beautiful hand carved solid wood electric bass. He also adds vocals and has a lovely voice.

Karl's daughter sang with them. She performed a killer version of Wild Horses with her dad adding great guitar licks. He was beaming at the end of the tune as the crowd applauded in appreciation.

They are very tight and do some wonderful covers. I love when Karl and David trade leads as in my favorite cause we've ended as lovers by Jeff Beck. Karl plays a lovey guitar, he is one of these guys who toils for the love of it. He is semi retired from the regular-gig schedule but his love for playing live has to be satiated. His rendition of this tune is beautiful.

David adds great keys and has a nice voice. He does remind me of Paul Revere in his keyboard M.O. He and the band combine to sing some great harmonies.

Mild mannered corporate partner, working in a numbered cube by day, rock star by night. I chided him for having a pen in his shirt pocket as he mounted up. Geek!

Geoff is in the back anchoring the band with some tasty percussion. He joined recently but is a seasoned pro and has played with Karl for the best of 20 years.

They have played at work several times and I have seen them here twice. They have a lot of fun and play happy music. Tonight they made us all happy and we showed our appreciation with loud applause, hoots and hollers.

Oh, and speaking of family, my brother's David and Wild Bill were there. Mike, Jenny and Mary were in the adoring masses, as well as many others from work. I could have sworn I saw Howard duck in for a quick pint. It was nice to see the kiddies come out and show their support for their fellow babies.

They will play at Slims again in a month, it is at the perfect time; right after work, cheap adult beverages and great music. One hour of entertainment on an otherwise boring school night. See you there.

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