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Knut Bell and The Blue Collars at The Little Red Hen 1-5-13

I needed my Knut fix. It had been awhile since I last saw the boys and I needed their brand of comfort music. The Hen was packed when I walked in at 9:30, there were others that needed the same medicine.

The Little Red Hen is a neighborhood dance bar. Think of a funky roadhouse, only this one is in the middle of the city. The peeps from close-in and far away come to dance and socialize at this iconic bar. Knut and his band are one of the House bands, they play here a lot. They always draw a big crowd and they always give the crowd what they want: dance music.

You can connect with The Little Red Hen here:

I have a lot of respect for people that can dance well. I am a clumsy oaf, I have two left feet. I make it a point to never lift my foot off the floor when I dance, I run the risk of falling over. There were some great dancers tonight, a lot of fun to watch.

I love Knut, Grady, Jim and Lewis. They are a tight band and play marvelous country music. It would seem that I can't get enough of Knut's deep bass voice and the talented artists that back him. I have seen and reviewed him more times than I can count. You can see some of them here: and here: and here:

I am not the only soul that loves Knut. Every time I attend one of his shows there is some member of another band in the audience. The pros come out to see how this pro works. Here is Roy Kay with one of his buddies enjoying the show.

I have this new incredible camera. I have been able to get good pics with no flash. I like that. I know the pros are happy to use a flash, but I attend shows at small clubs and get fairly close to my subjects. I don't like to have a flash stuck in my face. I can't imagine any artist would like it either.

Here is a series of shots with no flash.

Knut is a photogenic guy anyway, I really couldn't go wrong. Here are some more decent shots:

I can't forget about the rest of the band, here is my pal Grady a most excellent guitar player. This was the first time I have seen him play his new guitar, a beautiful Fender Telecaster.

Grady is both a talented musician and a super sweet guy. He has added to my knowledge of guitars and the inner workings of the music business. His dad is an entertainer, I have some of his music. Grady has music in his blood.

I got to talk with Knut, Grady and his lady Janet out front during the first break. He thanked me for all the good words and told me that he would put me on the door list for his shows. I always like to support the bands and turned it down. He then informed me that he doesn't get any of the door money. I know nothing of this business but I know that Knut brings in the crowds, that he doesn't get any of the door is disappointing.

Here is Lewis working on the skins.

Here is Jim laying the bottom for the band.

The place was full and the dance floor was moving, always in a counter-clockwise rotation. There was some talented dancers and then there some that were less so. There was a set of girls on the sidelines that were getting a lot of action. Here is one who was a great dancer.

Grady and Knut have an awesome rapport, they compliment each other. Grady and his talented fingers and Knut with his basso profundo voice make for good music. The Blue Collars play a mix of original and covers. Knut has written many great original tunes over the years, you can connect with him here:

Knut and his mates know how to keep the folks happy. They make sure to keep your feet moving, the music is delivered with humor and passion. Knut is always yakking it up with the peeps and there is a steady stream of love coming from him.

There was a bachelorette party in the house tonight, Knut made sure to honor her and several birthdays. He has special tunes for special occasions.

Thanks to Knut, Grady and the boys for a fun evening. Thanks to The Little Red Hen for serving up some fine music.

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  1. Thom, you captured the night perfectly. They play the genre I prefer. His/their music resonates with nearly everyone. I'm thrilled to see the 25-35 y/o crowd enjoying great dance music, and a fun band. One never knows what's the next in the show. I too am a fan of the LRH. The best venue in Seattle to see such a quality band up close. The cover, drinks, food are fairly priced and good. I agree with you, this band deserves a better portion of profit sharing considering they crowds they draw.


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