Sunday, February 24, 2013

Michael Stegner's Fascination Nation and John Hamhock and The Rooster Run Band at Darells 2-23-13

The bill at Darrells had evolved as the week progressed. I already knew it was going to be a fun night, but once The Rooster Run Band was added, I knew it would be a blast.

I had seen two of the three bands playing tonight before. Michael Stegner is an outrageous keyboard player. He surrounds himself with great musicians and puts on a sweet show. You can see my first review of Michael's show here.

I had also seen John Hamhock and The Rooster Run Band. I loved them then and I knew I would love them again. You can read my previous review here.

The last band was The Wild Snohomians, a killer group I had yet to see. I have just been missing them for the last year and a half, I have had the chance. My bad. Van Ramsay, one of the main drivers behind the Snohomians is also a DJ. I listen to Pull The String, his radio show on occasion. He plays surf, rockabilly, honky-tonk and Americana every Saturday afternoon on KSER. It is a great show. You can connect with him here.

Unfortunately I didn't make it to the Wild Snohomians set, I ran out of beans. The only band on tonight's bill I hadn't seen would have to wait for another night.

Michael Stegner and his band were on first. They were tight and entertaining. The last time I saw them they had Country Dave Harmonson picking for them. He is one of the best in the city. They had another guitar genius with them tonight.

Michael is a musical genius that came from classical piano and jazz roots. He is a talented writer having composed songs for 3 CD's. Educated in the finest schools, he came to Seattle after touring with other talented musicians.

His music is part jazz, part rock and all fun. He has a funny bone that he has to flex now and then as in the tune; I love you a little bit, but I love my TV a lot.

He has incredible magic fingers. I stood up close and watched his phenomenal skill.

Colin Higgins was playing lead guitar, he was amazing.

Here is a quick bio of Colin provided by The Seattle Drum School in Georgetown where he is an instructor. Colin moved to Seattle in the fall of 1997.  He’s performed in a wide range of musical settings, from jazz to classic rock, with many great Seattle musicians. 

They go on to say: Colin continues to perform in various groups as well as performing original music as a singer/guitarist songwriter. Colin has been an instructor at the Drum School since 2004, teaching acoustic and electric guitar in blues, jazz, rock, and folk styles.

He was the bomb tonight.

Playing bass tonight was Michael's longtime collaborator Forest Gilberson.

Andy Sells was slaying the drums, a superb percussionist. He had the chance to show off. It was awesome to see such a great performance.

I bought a CD and you can have one too! Michael and his mates make great, fresh, original music. See Michael here:
connect with him on Facebook:

I was starting to nod off. I was beat but couldn't miss the experience of John Hamhock and The Rooster Run Band.

John Hamhock and the Rooster Run Band are: John "Hamhock" Hagan on lead vocals and guitar, Mike Schuppe plays lead guitar, Uncle Dave Russell on vocals and acoustic guitar, Slim Chance on bass and Tom Nadeau on drums.

Mike Schuppe is an outrageous guitar player. He has great skill and talent.

Mike also plays a beautiful guitar. It is a Franken-Tele, he built it from parts in '93.

The Rooster Run Band plays driving whiskey-soaked country rock with some of my favorite influences. Willy, Waylon, Dwight and Buck are part of this great mix. One of my favorite tunes they played tonight was Back Home, a sweet homespun original.

John has a great voice and writes some sweet original tunes. He is a marvelous entertainer with a compelling delivery.

Outlaw Honky-Tonk-a-Billy with a moonshine chaser!

I was sorry I wasn't able to make it to the third band, but I did get my fix of great music tonight. John Hamhock was just what I needed to complete my weekend.

Thanks to Darrells Tavern in Shoreline Washington for providing the best venue in town for live music. You can see the upcoming shows here:

Get off the couch and see some live music soon.


  1. Very nice review. I love John and the guys!

  2. Rooster Run Rocks !! Mike Schuppe is local guitar god with a beautiful Tele ! Saw them last week in Tacoma - never missed a beat !

  3. Dude, I'll buy you some espresso next time!
    And yeah, that was a hell of a show all around; we had a ball!

  4. Always great to see John Hamhock and the Rooster Run Band!


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