Monday, November 18, 2013

Nigel Mustafa at Darrells Tavern 11-17-13

I saw an early show, a fun surf set at The Tiny Ninja Cafe (see previous post). As I was leaving I noticed the time, 9:10. I had just enough time to drive to Darrells and catch a band that I had seen before and wanted to see again.

There were others that had a similar feelings for this band. This illustrated lady was loving Nigel Mustafa.

Of course Darrells, and more specifically, their booking agent Scott, makes sure that there is killer tunage available for your listening pleasure. No matter what your preferred genre is, there is a band for you, maybe even sandwiched between a punk group and a reggae group.

I arrived just in time to see them take the stage. Here is Nigel Mustafa.

I had seen and reviewed them before. I remember that they had everybody up and dancing, they had a driving beat and an animated front man. I remembered correctly. They were rocking and fun as hell. Here is proof.

Darrells had a good crowd when I got there, a good sign. Jenna my favorite door-maid said "they must be good if you are here". Yes, they are good and am I that transparent? I love good music. I love seeing local artist busting their butt to give a great show. I love the passion that these wonderful musicians have for their craft.

Nigel Mustafa is one of those marvelous bands. Here is Jake driving the band in back.

Steve is the very animated lead singer. Fun to watch, great voice. He is the titular head of this great local band.

This is a great collection of artists playing the music that everybody loves. There wasn't a static butt in the house. Nigel Mustafa is: Stevie P - Lead singer, rhythm guitar, sax, Billy Boy K - Lead guitar, vocals, Anton Beck - Bass, Jake Beck - Drums and JB Wikan - Keys and Vocals.

From their Facebook page: Nigel cares about one thing and one thing only... throwing down the natty grooves for our peeps so they can shake their money makers. We are in it to put on killer shows and make great records, all other considerations be damned.

They play rocking reggae and their own brand of manic ska. They laid down the beat for young and old, everybody was dancing.

The sound was infectious, I was in the crowd rocking with the peeps.

Anton was rocking the bass in braids.

I knew there was a reason to stay up late tonight, Nigel was back at Darrells.

Connect with Nigel Mustafa here:

See Darrells Tavern here:

See some live music soon, it will charge your soul. It may tickle you down below too.

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