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The Carnal Comedy Show at Darrells featuring Kissing Potion 11-30-13

It was a good night for a little naughty fun at Darrells Tavern. Bella Bambina was our sexy local hostess for this night of comedy, burlesque and funk.

Bella is both cute and beautiful, a rare combination. She is very comfortable in her skin and is a marvelous MC. She is also a classic pin-up girl. Great curves, a marvelous and bountiful booty and the most gorgeous legs on any girl anywhere. Just ask her.

Darrells is the residence venue of Lady Lux Burlesque and Bella who is both a performer and model.  You can see some of her much better professional photos here:

Darrells have a great staff, here is Jenna our door-mouse for the evening.

Here is Scott, our most revered and loved knob man.

Bella shared some of her most intimate secrets tonight; her fears, her dreams all presented in burlesque. She came with her troop of beauties, and some others Tonight she presented comedy by Monica Nevi, Silas Lindenstein, and Leah Mansfield.

As with all comedy, some worked and some didn't. I didn't appreciate Leah's style, but she did get a lot of crowd reaction.

Bella also brought some great performers, tonight there were Burlesque performances by Sc Andall from Bohemia, Chesty LaRue, and Lana Milknhoney. She also had a most beautiful attendant, I hope Bella will give me her name.

Here she is setting up the ropes for the first act.

Bella introduced the first act, a re-enactment of a childhood fear.

In between each act Bella introduced the comedy talent in her own sexy way. She had a new outfit, or lack thereof for each act.

I had seen Lana Milknhoney before at one of the other events. She is tall, glamorous and sexy. Here she is performing another one of Bella's scenarios, as a boxer.

Etiquette prohibits me from posting explicit pictures. I apologize for that as Bella is so gorgeous in just pasties.

Here she is showing off one of her best assets.

Bella decided that we all needed some classy adult entertainment so she organized a Twerk-Off. She collected a handful of less than volunteers (really people she targeted out of the audience) for her twisted fun. Here Sweater Guy shakes hands with Liam Fitzgerald, lead singer and most excellent strummer for several marvelous musical adventures.

The idea was to have the lucky contestants to do their best down and dirty twereking. It was pretty funny, here Bella demonstrates the proper way to twerk.

Here is Liam and Bella discussing the finer points of the twerk. He was begging me not to show any incriminating pics to his adoring masses.

Liam ended up being a good dancer, he shook it with the best if them.


Liam was good, but I preferred this contestant.

Sweater Guy took the prize with his amazing moves. He had been rather outspoken with the folks on stage. That and his very hip sweater identified him as a perfect sucker for the evening. Bella had her way with him, but he out twerked the bunch of them.

Sc Andall played out Bella's fantasy as a circus dog. Here she is performing a fun act.

She was cute and sexy, sorry I cannot post all pics.

Thanks to Bella and her special performers for the great show tonight.

Kissing Potion provided this evenings musical entertainment. I have seen them before, own the disc and was looking forward to hearing them again.

Kissing Postion is: Joy Davenport - Vocals, Kathy Moore - Guitar, Kyla Gibson - Keyboards, Bob Lovelace - Bass, Leo LeBlanc - Drums, Michalynn Kidd - Aux. Percussion, Christian Selinger - Trumpet, Scott Frank - Alto sax, Amelia Albert - Bari sax. Tracey Ferrara sat in on Alto tonight. See them here:

The horn section was great as usual, here Tracey, Amelia and Chris are blowing the big wind.

Kathy plays a killer guitar and adds vocals on most tunes.

The bass was most excellent tonight, I had seen Bob play before. He is one of the best in the biz.

The same goes with the percussion, Leo is one of the best. He is central to the Kissing Potion sound.

Joy has great pipes, really can lay down the funk and blues.

Kissing Potion was a great way to end an evening of lovely lady's and fun performances. Thanks to Bella and Lady Lux for their wonderful burlesque, the comedians for the funny stuff and Darrells for hosting the whole thing.

See Darrells here:

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