Thursday, December 26, 2013

X-Mas Maximus featuring The Candy Cane Dancers and Cathie Sorbo 12-21-13

This was the third installment of my new holiday season ritual. I love when Bella brings her girls to Darrells, and I love the band that plays this event. This always brings out a nice crowd of like-minded party folks. I recognized a few I had seen at the last event.

Here is beautiful Bella.

Here is Cathy Sorbo prowling Darrells.

She is funnier than heck, has a great outlook on life. Tonight she had distributed printed pieces of paper with places for you to list your X-Mas wish list. She then read the lists in the most humorous of ways. She is pretty clever.

She asked that we not take pictures of the Burlesque dancers tonight. I have always ignored that request, but have always made sure the pictures are of good taste with no pasties. I honored that request tonight so the only pics I got were of the band.

These guys do a great job of taking traditional seasonal music and arranging it in creative ways. They add new ones every year; the repertoire is getting great.

I did sneak a few shots of the beautiful girls that were waiting their turn on stage. The gorgeous tall blonde is Lana Milknhoney. She is beating her butt in appreciation of another artist.

I am sorry that I cannot provide names for all the musicians. I know there were some of the same folks from last year. Here is that post;

This lovely lady had a beautiful voice and could really belt out the vocals.

I missed Gavin Guss and another female singer but got most of the other artists.

Did I mention that this year's lead singer was striking?

The band was having fun and Darrells was rocking.

I am sorry I cannot share photos of the beautiful girls, but here is more of Bella.

Thanks to all the artists and musicians for the memorable show tonight. I will add info as I receive it. Thanks to Dan and Darrells for a great evening.

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